About Us

At Xumulus we are focused on delivering successful Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. We provide an integrated approach to success as we believe both technical and non-technical things are important .  It’s not a methodology rather a philosophy, design, development and the business case must be connected and should always be linked. Whether your organization uses a traditional waterfall methodology or something like an Agile development methodology we can make this philosophy work. We work with the old Stellent Products as well as Web Center Suite and the whole Oracle E20 stack.

Our team has a passion for all things web and making them work for our clients. We stay in tune in many open source projects such as WordPress, Drupal and PyroCMS, Plone, Alfresco and even Magento. At Xumulus we are always following new technologies and methods such as the HTML5 Boilerplate, Twitter’s Bootstrap and Zurb’s Foundation Framework as a way to stay in tune with the ever changing web. Our Oracle Partnership enables us to take these passions and design and implement truly great Enterprise solutions.

Our extended team includes many professionals and partners enabling us to put together large projects with the correct mix of talent both quickly and cost-effectively.

Why Work with Xumulus?

  • At Xumulus we are passionate about customer success and quality.
  • We practice what we preach.
  • Xumulus is an Oracle Gold Partner, and Google Apps Authorized Reseller
  • Years of experience with technology dating back to when Oracle UCM was Stellent
  • Approach every project from the perspective of how it should be done, not how it has been done.