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Dignity Health Careers

JWT Inside Employment Communications Services At JWT Inside they, among other things, build great client career web sites. They were in need of some help fulfilling the technical delivery of a customer that required their site be deployed with Oracle UCM/Stellent. We helped them do this right, in spite of some challenging project deadlines. The [...]

ECM as a Cornucopia of Fruit

So, first off, I need to admit this is not my analogy, but I love it! I attended an AIIM conference today and of course the theme was some 8 things they dreamed up about content management. A guy from Hyland Software, Ken Burns, (Onbase is their product) did a presentation on “Got Hope? ECM Vendor [...]

6 ECM Principles for Success

Having trouble with a big ECM Project? Can’t seem to get things to work in for your enterprise? Maybe you need a dose of simplicity for your project. Maybe a few guiding principles and get you back on track. I have been on many projects implementing a content management solution and most often its just [...]