How to check your Oracle UCM Version

Did you possibly just inherit a new system at work from someone else and now you are looking for a quick way to check your Oracle UCM version or your Oracle WebCenter Content version.

Well its mostly a piece of cake. Log on with Adminstrator Privileges then go to the systems menu and select Systems ->Configuration for [server specific info here].

Oracle UCM Version

Also, on this screen you will find a link the enabled components detail. This will show you what components you are running.  There is no easy way to tell what components are standard oracle UCM components (usually most systems have about 20-30 standard oracle UCM components installed), fortunately many UCM consultants will prefix the ones they create for you with your company name so anything that starts with your company name if of course something done either by you or for you.

Now, the tricky part is to figure out what versions of all the extensions you are running.  Well maybe tricky is the wrong word but its not just the version of the content server, but the versions of certain patches, and the versions of the components.

In 10GR3 I have seen many folks patch the server and not install the “extras” so they have things like “folders_g” that are woefully out of date.  When you install the core patch update form Oracle it will automatically patch the standard components.  But to patch the “extras” you physically have to go the [server dir]/server/custom/[CSCorePatch#]/extras folder to load the new ones in.

To verify the versions of UCM components you need to click on the “Enabled Component Details” link.  While reading the installed versions may be straight forward, figuring out if any or all of those need to be updated is another matter.  Comparing those from your UAT and production system is not easy.  I usually copy out the HTML and build a spreadsheet so I can compare each system.