ECM as a Cornucopia of Fruit

So, first off, I need to admit this is not my analogy, but I love it! I attended an AIIM conference today and of course the theme was some 8 things they dreamed up about content management. A guy from Hyland Software, Ken Burns, (Onbase is their product) did a presentation on “Got Hope? ECM Vendor [...]

6 ECM Principles for Success

Having trouble with a big ECM Project? Can’t seem to get things to work in for your enterprise? Maybe you need a dose of simplicity for your project. Maybe a few guiding principles and get you back on track. I have been on many projects implementing a content management solution and most often its just [...]

Xumulus and Oracle

Xumulus has formed a strategic partnership with Oracle Corp., the world’s largest enterprise software company, and the acquisition of Sun has made it the only company that can deliver a complete, open, and integrated, IT stack to its clients. Starting more than 30 years ago with Oracle’s innovative relational database, the Oracle stack today includes [...]