Oracle ECM & Enterprise 2.0 Solutions: The industry’s most cost effective content management platform offers streamlined processes, increased productivity and unity among many programs.

Oracle Web Content Management: Manage large amounts of data in a secure and scalable repository through Oracle’s WCM. Images and copy can be written and uploaded without the use of code, allowing a quick, easier turnaround for business to get done. A variety of support is available to allow for customization for your unique needs.

Oracle Document Management: Shared file folders don’t always get the job done, and through Oracle’s Document Management solution you can finally allow multiple avenues to review, edit and convert files online.

Digital Asset Management: Bring all the perks of Oracle’s solutions together through their Digital Asset Management. Unifying everything Oracle, it also blocks unnecessary solutions from getting in the way. Built on a central platform, this allows for ease when managing the layers of your business.

Oracle Document Management: Let us integrate your desktop – making life easier. It’s as simple as that!

Google Apps For Business:

Google Apps (GA) is a communication and collaboration system based securely in the cloud. Through combined efforts of a variety of web application system, GA delivers business enhancing performances that allow your ROI and business productivity to work smarter, better and more comfortably. The best part? Since its Cloud based, you can access it essentially anywhere, anytime.

Set Up & Migration Services: While GA is designed to be easy, easy, easy, it’s not always easy to transition and get your GA ready by yourself – or even as a team. We can help with this – allowing you to easily get started with using GA. We’ll take care of setting up, transitioning necessary data, introducing Help Desk services and more.

Administrative Services:  Google Apps is a software-as-a-service solution, requiring no on-premise infrastructure, hardware, or even management. That means we can set up, manage, and administer GA without even setting foot in your place of business!  That also means no extra expense for travel – how great is that? Examples of services we can support include:

  • Google Apps / Active Directory integration and user management
  • Service usage, client activity reporting
  • Mailing list creation/administration
  • Google Apps Help Forum
  • Google Apps Directory Sync
  • Google Groups for Apps Admin Guide
  • Google Apps API documentation

End User Training Services: If only GA came with a personal trainer… luckily, we do! Whether you are brand new with Google Apps or have had it for a while, there is a good chance that users can become better at their jobs with some training.  End user training is a great way to gain adoption and make sure employees use Google Apps for Business to its full potential.  Examples of services offered in End User Training include:

  • Launch/adoption training
  • General on-site or remote training courses
  • Use-case specific learning videos
  • Online training
  • Custom Departmental training, (our specialty) - Personalized departmental analysis and training on how they can work more efficiently with Google Apps

Development & Customization: GA has it all, which is why tailoring it to your specific needs is important. Xumulus offers just that – a tailored delivery, set up and install of GA for your unique business. Often this means answering questions you don’t even know you have!

Open & Ongoing Consultation: New features and installs are updated regularly. It’s our job to know what’s available and how they can support your business… so what are you waiting wait? Let us do our job! We’re ready to offer general consultation, update support and ongoing guidance to support your business.

Google Apps Support: Google provides high touch support on an administrative level for Google Apps for Business, but does not offer the same level of support for end-users.  As a solution provider, we can provide a much closer, high touch experience tailored to your unique needs.

Open Source:

Oracle can do a lot, but it can’t always do it all. This is why Open Source is an important tool to consider for your business.

We’re committed to offering choice, flexibility, and lower cost of computing for end users. By investing significant resources in developing, testing, optimizing, and supporting open source technologies such as MySQL,, GlassFish, Linux, PHP, Apache, Eclipse, Berkeley DB, NetBeans, VirtualBox, Xen, and InnoDB, Oracle is clearly embracing and offering leading open source solutions as a viable choice for development and deployment.

Today, many customers are using Oracle together with open source technologies in mission-critical environments and are reaping the benefits of lower costs, easier manageability, higher availability, and reliability along with performance and scalability advantage. Curious how this may be right for your business? Let us know.