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Blendium and Xumulus combine powers!

The alignment of people, process, and technology through effective process design and comprehensive change management is critical to the success of any Commerce implementation.

Xumulus and Blendium both bring decades of Commerce experience to the table. The combination of Blendium and Xumulus elevates this ethos into a Magento and BigCommerce Powerhouse respected by partners and clients, alike.

Magento Foundation

Nothing else matters if your base Adobe Commerce site isn’t built with high quality code and first rate integrations into your back-end systems.

We combine proven methodologies, deep technical know-how, and award-winning design to create immersive brand experiences that engage and convert buyers, across channels and devices.

Whatever your e-commerce related issues may be, or whatever Adobe Commerce development tasks are in hand, we can do it! Adapting to each specific issue and working it around, just as well as providing universal e-commerce solutions for business is what we’re all about!

Joining Forces

Xumulus and Blendium both recognize the importance of expanding their service offerings, which was the primary motivation for this merger. Now, all of our clients will be able to experience the full effects of a one-stop shopping experience in the digital transformation world.

Combining the talent, skill, and global reach of both companies with Blendium’s customer-centric values, this acquisition provides a unique opportunity for current and future clients to seamlessly select the perfect mix of digital solutions from all of our offerings.

Strategic Support

Magento is a great platform when implemented correctly. Most issues encountered by merchants aren’t due to the platform itself but poor implementations. We’ve built a team and managed support services designed to help companies repair poor Magento implementations so it can work like the Commerce store you need it to be.

We’re here to help you get more out of your Adobe Commerce site.