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Top-10 Ways to Increase Customer Conversion

We all love a good top-10 list! How about one that directly impacts possible customer conversions on your eCommerce site?

We’ve compiled a list of ten action items for you and your team to prioritize against your web site. We’re betting at least one of these would increase customer conversion!

For the sake of brevity, we’ve included a few extra pointers for each of our top-10 to push you along the path.

  1. Make a great first impression
    1. Quick site load
    2. Relevant content
    3. Quality content
  2. Optimize on-site search
    1. Human factors
    2. Language differences (US / British), spelling errors, synonyms, etc.
    3. Leverage analytics to hone on-site search
    4. Search predictions
  3. Offer trusted experiences
    1. Boost confidence
    2. Great Privacy policy
    3. Product Reviews
    4. Site Reviews
    5. Quality looking Site with amazing content
  4. Foster a supportive atmosphere
    1. Quick response times from customer service reps
    2. Web chat (live chat / chat bot)
    3. Leverage an Alexa skill
  5. Focus on a personalized approach
    1. Provide a relevant experience to customers
    2. Personalized Email marketing and remarketing
  6. Elevate your checkout experience
    1. Proper design and flow
    2. Reduce any friction points
    3. Utilize Heatmaps to better understand customer flows
  7. Abandoned Cart strategy
    1. Abandoned carts happen for a variety of reasons
    2. Email Marketing rescue campaign is important
  8. Retarget your prospective customers
  9. Enable connected experiences
    1. Optimize digital experience across devices and channels
    2. Frictionless mobile experience
  10. Streamline the social path to purchase
    1. See, Click and Pay via social channels
    2. Do not need full catalog on social media

So, there it is! Our challenge to you: over the next two weeks, put a keen eye to at least one of these suggestions and let us know how it has worked out.