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Adobe Commerce 2.4.5 Just Released

Welcome Adobe Commerce 2.4.5, along with exciting new features.
Adobe’s August release, featuring Adobe Commerce 2.4.5, security-only patches 2.4.4-p1, 2.4.3-p3, and 2.3.7-p4, and other exciting product updates, is now available to the entire Adobe Commerce community. Adobe Commerce 2.4.5 contains significant performance improvements, security updates, and support for larger, more complex B2B catalogs. Performance improvements such as increases of 3X the rate of orders processed per hour, 3X pageviews per hour, and 2X concurrent admin users from updates to high throughput order processing, API improvements, and the adoption of PHP 8.1. Other exciting updates include:
  • Data sharing with Adobe Experience Platform captures Commerce site behaviors and events
  • Live Search now supports B2B Commerce
  • Quick Checkout payment option simplifies the checkout process for shoppers
  • Apple Pay is now a payment option for merchants using Payment Services
  • Google services integration is updated to support use of the GTag APIs
You can now find and apply Adobe Commerce 2.4.5 from Github by logging into your account, or by using Composer. We encourage you to take advantage of the multiple features and security updates available in this new version.