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“Show Cart Discount” Magento Extension by Xumulus

Nick Murray

January 22, 2018

This Magento 2 Extension helps boost conversions and reduce cart abandonment by showing the shopper a clear visual on what is being saved. Since the standard Magento 2 interface does not show this in the cart and on the checkout pages, we add the savings component to the screen, and bingo shoppers feel more inclined to purchase.

Website security in the age of “HTTPS Everywhere”


December 28, 2017

Using HTTPS everywhere on your site is beneficial for SEO ranking since this is one of the signals that Google tracks. Besides, using a mix of HTTP and HTTPS can lead to skewed analytics since data about traffic origin disappears when a user navigates from a HTTPS page to a HTTP page.

What the Hell Is the Oracle Document Cloud

Daniel Kozlowski

October 3, 2014

Yesterday, I got wind of Oracles announcement of its “Oracle Document Cloud”. According to this Mythics post , it shares roughly 90% of the code base of Oracle WebCenter Content. Considering that code base is very old and not for a multi tenant cloud based system, that’s a pretty scary thought. Does this mean that […]

Xumulus and Oracle


January 1, 2010

Xumulus has formed a strategic partnership with Oracle Corp., the world’s largest enterprise software company, and the acquisition of Sun has made it the only company that can deliver a complete, open, and integrated, IT stack to its clients.