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ECommerce Strategy Services

What is eCommerce strategy services?


Having real-time data and insights can help your eCommerce business to foresee challenges and hurdles that you might not be able to see at first. How about hiring an eCommerce strategy and consulting firm that can help you to get data-driven strategic solutions for every challenge you might face. Your eCommerce company goals guide our eCommerce strategy services. We are equipped with the best and powerful marketing and technology tools available in the market. In addition to that, we also have a team of the best eCommerce strategy consulting team that has years of experience and expertise to offer fruitful and realistic, customer-focused solutions to help you. Get an effective, innovative, and focused eCommerce strategy that enables you to achieve your business goals.

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Benefits of eCommerce strategy consulting services

Choosing the right technology

There are so many choices you will have while choosing the eCommerce platform. Our eCommerce consultants will understand your business nature, requirements, target audience types, and other crucial features and suggest the best eCommerce platform and technology that suit your core purpose.


Helps in Customer acquisition

Having a customer-focused eCommerce strategy helps you in customer acquisition, bringing organic, genuine traffic to your store, improves your conversion rate, helps you to win over millennials, encourages impulse buying, and improves your ROI.


Offers a smooth digital customer journey

Designing an eCommerce store after insightful, data-driven research helps you win instant customer trust, eliminate frictions during the customer journey, improve conversions, encourage customers to take actions, and encourage cross-sells and upsells make a strong bond with your customers.


Optimizes Business Workflow

Ecommerce strategy consulting services also optimizes business workflow by using innovative techniques to encourage maximum utilization of resources.


Customer Retention

An effective eCommerce strategy helps you to track customer behavior and elicit patterns. You can design your communication strategy accordingly. Also, it makes your after-sales customer engagement effective. You can use historical data to assess potential outcomes of marketing campaigns.

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    Why choose Xumulus?


    Xumulus has extensive experience in offering email strategy consulting services to eCommerce companies. From providing expert solutions concerning leading platforms such as Magento, Bigcommerce, and Shopify to improving customer experience, streamlining and straight-forwarding various processes to offering data-driven, innovative solutions for multiple challenges, we have helped our customers to achieve their business goals.

    Why Choose

    Our Achievements


    110% increase in conversion rates


    28% increase in sales YOY


    40% faster site load

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