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Magento 1 End-of-Life: June 2020

Magento has announced the End-of-Life for its Magento 1.x product.

For Magento Commerce 1, we are providing software support through June 2020. Depending on your version, software support may include both quality fixes and security patches. Please review our Magento Software Lifecycle Policy to see how your version of Magento Commerce 1 is supported.

What does all of this really mean? We have until June 2020 (or there about) to launch your new Magento 2 store(s). After that point, Magento will no longer provide security patches. This leaves your environment open to all sorts of attacks and likely, the loss of PCI compliance.

Blendium has been involved with some of the earliest M1 to M2 replatform projects and has gained an immense amount of knowledge from those initiatives.

The upgrade (i.e., replatform) process will probably take more effort that expected, so waiting until 2020 to make your transition might result in issues with your online store, breaks in business efficiencies, or a new site that reflects an obvious, ineffective rush-job. The estimated duration of time that your particular upgrade takes will depend on a number of factors: the size and complexity of your e-commerce site, the current versions and number of extensions the site is utilizing, the intricacies of your data, and the members of your team.

Read more about it here:

Keep in mind we’d love to be apart of your M1 to M2 upgrade, please connect with us and we’ll guide you and team through this daunting process.