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Magento 2.4.1 and B2B

We here at Xumulus are always excited about Magento point releases… They tend to come with security patches, bug fixes, performance improvements and most excitedly, new features!

We’re particularly interested in a few B2B enhancements that have come along with Magento 2.4.1.

This release includes multiple enhancements to the B2B user experience and increase security. For example, buyers now benefit from personalized shipping methods, faster requisition list creation, and approval workflow usability enhancements.

Additionally, sellers can charge to company credit using payment on account when creating orders in the admin and Google reCAPTCHA is included on the new company request form to reduce creation of fraudulent or spam accounts.

Magento 2.4.1 introduces B2B v1.3.0 and includes improvements to order approvals, shipping methods, shopping cart, and logging of Admin actions.

Improvements to Order Approvals

B2B order approvals have been enhanced to improve usability and to allow for bulk actions on purchase orders. Improvements to order approval and rejection include the following:

  • New View Rule page for users without edit privileges. B2B buyers can now view rules that apply to their company on the new View Rule page when they do not have permission to edit them.
  • Count alert icon on the Requires My Approval tab. The Requires My Approval tab in the My Purchase Orders view now displays a counter that indicates the number of pending approval actions.
  • Bulk order approvals and rejections. B2B managers and Company Administrators can now perform bulk rejection and approval of purchase orders. These changes allow approvers to approve or reject multiple purchase orders in a single action.
  • Merchants can now search the Applies to and Requires approval from fields of the My Purchase Orders view and can select multiple user roles during rule creation.
  • Examples of how to configure Order Approval rules are provided on the Rule Configuration page.

See Approval rules

B2B shipping methods enhancements

B2B merchants can now control shipping methods that are offered to each Company. Merchants can configure the following from the Admin:

  • A specific set of shipping methods for B2B Company accounts
  • The use of All or B2B-specific shipping methods for each Company account
  • A specific list of B2B shipping methods for each Company account

Shopping cart improvements

  • Merchants can now allow users to clear the contents of their shopping cart in a single action and can configure this ability independently on each website.
  • B2B buyers can now add individual items or the entire contents of their shopping cart directly to a requisition list.

New Admin features

  • B2B merchants can create orders from the Admin on behalf of customers using Payment on Account as the payment method.
  • Merchants can now directly view all quotes associated with a user from the customer’s detail page.
  • Merchants can now filter the Customers Now Online grid by Company.
  • Admins can now filter customers in the Admin by Sales Rep.