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Oracle Web Center

About Oracle Webcenter


One of the major advantages of Oracle Webcenter is that it connects people, business processes and data/information with the collection of different components such as portal, content management, web experience management and collaboration technologies. Here, websites, portal and content, all three pillars work together to offer superior experience to stakeholders. In addition to that, Oracle Webcenter also helps businesses to improve business agility, customer loyalty, user productivity and access to the right information to people

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Why choose Oracle Webcenter?

Active community support

Bigcommerce has an active online community that helps Bigcommerce developers as and when they need it. It is one of the best benefits of the Bigcommerce platform. If you face any technical or functional glitches or hurdles, the active community will come to your rescue. This is one of the reasons why Bigcommerce is preferred as an ideal eCommerce platform around the world.


Seamless and satisfying user experience

The user interface of Oracle Webcenter is modern, user-friendly and highly intuitive. Users can easily find and view the available content without any hurdles or technical difficulties. In addition to that, users can also find and collaborate with other people. It has powerful search features that makes content search easy and effortless.


Easy content administration

A central repository for content is used that makes it easy for you to manage and deploy your data any time. Furthermore, you can use any application made for Oracle Enterprise Manger and Oracle WebLogic Server. Also, Oracle Webcenter supports all major operating systems such as Linux, AIX, Windows and Solaris and HP/UX.


Process and Image Management

You can easily and seamlessly automate tasks and design workflows for images. It is possible because Oracle Webcenter content supports Oracle Business Process Management Suite. Moreover, it is also compatible with Application Extension Framework.


Retention and Records Management

With Oracle Webcenter, you can effortlessly create and manage records and apply different retention policies.


Manage your digital assets

It also has digital asset management capabilities. Also, it supports Flash animation. You can create Flash animation to create unique storyboards, embedded files with the help of XMP and EXIF files.

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    Comprehensive Approach

    Why Choose Xumulus?


    At Xumulus, we have a team of experts who possess hands-on experience in the domain and have a robust portal technologies unit. We also possess expertise across various technologies. Our Oracle Webcenter professionals have immense understanding of content management systems and content source integration which help us to deliver superior solutions. They are the best brains with know-how of the digital landscape and customized mobility solutions.

    Our Achievements


    110% increase in conversion rates


    28% increase in sales YOY


    40% faster site load

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