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“Show Cart Discount” Magento Extension by Xumulus

Show Cart Discount Magento Extension by Xumulus

Xumulus is proud to bring our Cart Discount Extension to the Magento Marketplace. We developed this extension as a simple fix to an overlooked problem regarding how the cart and products on sale interact. In short, once an on sale product is added to the cart it loses any indication that it was on sale. This will help reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion rates.

In standard Magento, sale prices are clearly displayed on the product page using “Regular Price” to indicate what the price was before the sale.  Your customer can see exactly the discount that they are to receive when items are on sale; however, once the product is added to the cart the only price your customer will see is the final sale price. The visual complement of the price reduction is lost, and if your customer wants to know what the original price was they’d have to leave the cart and navigate back to the product page. This problem is mirrored in the “Order Summary” during checkout, so we’ve added “Original Price:” and “You Saved:” lines to the summary. This is information your customer should always have, so let ’em have it.

Don’t force your customers to leave checkout to double check a sale price.

Don’t require them to estimate their savings in their heads.

Don’t make them wonder if it was this product that was 20% off or if it was that product that was 20% off.

Install our extension and provide your customers with the information they need to get through checkout in one simple, timely, forward motion.

Key Features:

  • In the mini-cart, the original price is shown with a strikethrough above the sale price. Normally, the only price a customer would see would be the sale price.
  • In the cart, the original price subtotal and total savings are calculated and shown to the user in the summary section.
  • In the checkout overview, again, the original price of a product on sale will be displayed with a strikethrough and the sale price below. Also, a “Total Saved:” line is added to the overview.

New Version Out Soon 1.1.0 Planned Features

  1. Ability to show tiered pricing savings and proportion
  2. Ability to show discounts for select cart discounts
  3. Ability to show teasers for certain cart discount promotions

Problem Solved

This extension solves a problem we came across while helping a client reduce the number of abandoned carts on their site.  The eCommerce checkout experience must be smooth. There should be no reason for a customer to leave checkout once he’s ready to check out. If he’s buying an item on sale he should see that it’s on sale when he checks his cart and again when he is checking out. Give your customer the information he needs, reinforce the psychology of a sale, and gain a sale.  In addition to the visual reinforcement of the sale, this fix also solves the practical problem of the customer having to leave the cart/checkout to check the sale price. As most eCommerce theorists would probably agree, once a potential customer is ready to checkout it is best to stay out of his way. We’ve created this cart discount extension as a no brainier extension to help you convert a few more customers and avoid the specter of another abandoned cart.

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