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Kill the Loader – How to Improve Your Magento 2 Product Page Load Time

This post resulted in the Issue being fixed in Magento 2.3.2!  So this is no longer an issue unless your theme is overriding with old Magento code (And I would not be surprised if they are) ------------------------------------------------------------ Original Post Below. ----------------------------------------------------------- I knew from the moment I...

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Magento 2 and AJAX with optimistic session locking

Recently after pouring into an optimization project, our team discovered something quite interesting about PHP session and Magento 2. Turns out this actually is going to be a relatively serious performance bottleneck with Magento 2 with PHP.  This article tries to explain the issue with...

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Why upgrade to Magento 2.2

Older versions of Magento allow you to employ third party extensions to integrate responsive themes into your online store. But with Magento 2.x, several responsive theme options come built into the software....

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Integrated Design and Build of Corporate Websites

I have been on lots of projects to build corporate web sites of all sorts. No matter the type internal intranets, extranets, portals, or internet sites there are some striking similarities to the projects and how they work. The typical process works something like this. ...

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ECM as a Cornucopia of Fruit

So, first off, I need to admit this is not my analogy, but I love it! I attended an AIIM conference today and of course the theme was some 8 things they dreamed up about content management. A guy from Hyland Software, Ken Burns, (Onbase...

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Xumulus Moves Business to Arlington Heights

Xumulus President and Founder Daniel Kozlowski announced the completion of his company’s transition from their Chicago Headquarters to new space in Arlington Heights, Illinois. The new, larger space was needed as the company had outgrown their previous location. The offices in Arlington Heights also add...

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